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Level 3, 12 minute max

Puerto Rico will give you deep, long lasting color with it's patented pigment bulbs that are only available in the KBL Series.  This 12 minute bed offers onboard music with an external auxiliary cord to play your own music.  You will not overheat in this bed as it offers you a cool facial misting with a nine speed fan system.  There are many functions with this bed which makes it one of the favorites!



Level 3, 12 minute max

A trip to the West Indies in this Luxura X-7, will leave you feeling warmed to the core.  This bed is our hottest of the bunch.  It also has an external auxiliary cord that will bump music through speakers in the head and feet while allowing you to control both body fans and facial fans.  This is the owners favorite bed!



Level 4, 10 minute max

A quick 10 minutes in Greece will give you color to last all week.  The high pressure/high intensity facials will have you feeling like you are on the ocean with the sun beaming on you! 

This Luxura X-10 will mist you with cool water from both the head and foot areas while you are listening to Pandora pump through the subwoofer under the bed.  Greece is our second favorite bed and we have nothing but high reviews from our clients.



Level 4, 8 minute max

Whether you prefer to stand while you tan or you need a little extra color in those hard to tan areas, this is the bed for you! Our 8 minute stand-up will keep you very warm while giving you amazing, long-lasting color! 



Level 4, 10 minute max

The Azores is the bed that blows the rest out of the water! This 10 minute bed will give you all over color with its 56 bulbs, including body, face and shoulder tanners. Featuring A/C, blue-tooth music connection, misters, red light therapy and contoured acrylics. This space-age design bed is incredibly roomy and comfortable; you won't want to get out!


Individual Tans

Level 2 : $9.00

Level 3 : $13.00

Level 4 : $15.00

Tan Packages

5 Tans : $60.00

10 Tans : $80.00

Unlimited Packages

2 Weeks : $60.00

1 Month : $80.00

**ALL of our packages will get you into any of the beds.**

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